23 year old activist Marshawn McCarrel allegedly commits suicide in public

Other | Thursday 11th February 2016 | Miles

According to police reports On Tuesday 9th February, 23 year old activist MarShawn McCarrel committed suicide on the stairs of the Ohio State house.

McCarrel was a member of civil rights group Black Lives Matter a movement against police brutality and racial bias in the US criminal justice system. McCarrel was well known for his work as an activist and also an aspiring poet and was also the founder of Pursuing Our Dreams (POD) a mentoring program helping inner city youth.

McCarrel also started a charity called Feed The Streets where as well as helping feed homeless the charity would also volunteer time to talk to the homeless as McCarrel believed that “a conversation lasted a lifetime.” McCarrel had been homeless for three months after graduating from high school and it was this experience that moved him to start the charity.

It was claimed by officers that upon arriving at the scene that McCarrel had committed suicide and was dead on the stairs of the State house when they arrived although no one had apparently seen him shoot himself it was claimed he had committed suicide.

The day before he committed his alleged suicide McCarrel posted on his facebook page ‘My demons won today. I'm sorry.’ Then a few hours before police claim to have found McCarrel dead on the steps of the Ohio State house he posted ‘Let the record show that I pissed on the state house before I left.’.



My demons won today. I'm sorry.

Posted by MarShawn McCarrel on Monday, February 8, 2016



Rumors on the internet sparked talk that McCarrel was dealing with a lot in life and the pressure of his activist work had taken it’s toll although there were no actual confirmed family reports that he had been dealing with depression or high levels of stress.

Its seems from his activity on the internet that McCarrel was a happy and positive individual and constantly was spreading messages of love and equality, so what happened?





Hey Everybody!!These past few weeks have produced some of the most incredible, nerve wrecking, stressful, eye opening,...

Posted by MarShawn McCarrel on Thursday, January 21, 2016


The saddest thing is that a 23 year old civil rights activist in his prime was found shot dead on the stairs of a Statehouse house in broad daylight and not one person saw and all we have is  the word of Lt. Craig Cvetan of the Ohio State Highway Patrol who pronounced McCarrell dead at the scene.

The death of McCarrel has been a shock to those who know him and those that were part of the organizations he worked with. It so happens that fellow senior Black Lives Matter member DeRay McKesson is currently running for mayor of Baltimore and if he won he would be the city's 50th mayor.