Top three destinations for getting drunk on the cheap in Europe

Other | Monday 1st February 2016 | Tom

Everyone who drinks alcohol prefers it when they have to pay less for their booze, and with Europeans being the biggest drinkers on Earth, we thought it was only right to have a look at the cheapest places to get drunk on the continent.

In recent years there has been more emphasis on mad holidays to Central and Eastern Europe, taking the usual crowds of wild partygoers and 18 year old virgins away from the sun-soaked beaches of The Med, and it is the promise of cheap drinks that is doing this.

3) Berlin

Berlin is the capital and palpitating heart of Germany, it has been labeled the best night out in Europe and can deliver on this statement with reasonably priced drinks. The average bottle of beer in a Berlin club is just over £2 compared to the £4 you can expect to pay in Dublin.

The Techno scene in Berlin is the biggest in the world, with the infamous Berghain club being described as the ‘church’ of Techno music, but it is not just Techno music that makes Berlin one of the world’s biggest party cities. Berlin is a place where every clubbing desire is catered for.

Head over to Berlin if you enjoy repetative dance beats and getting fucked up.



2) Prague

Prague has a rising reputation as one of the world's best night spots and the fact drinks here are the second cheapest in Europe has helped its cause. Prague has an abundance of bars and clubs but don’t expect the people to stay up on three-day weekends like they do in Berlin.

Prague is however, gaining a reputation in the same mold of Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal, therefore, this has led to a rise in ‘sex tourists’, an array of middle-aged men on stag-dos looking to get laid.

A pint of beer comes in at around £1, making it extremely cheap to get fucked up, a bevvie in Prague is cheaper than one at your local Wetherspoons, so using that as a price guide you can tell that drinks are very cheap.

1) Budapest

Alcoholic drinks in Budapest are the cheapest in Europe with the average drink in a club costing half the price than that of most other European cities. Budapest is famous for its ‘ruin bars’, dilapidated buildings that have been converted into quirky bars, so go there and check these out.

Budapest possesses a range of clubs to cater for most needs and desires, but many of the clubs have their own unique feel, this combination of cheap drinks and a unique atmosphere have caused tourism to the city to rise by a big 20%.

The city also plays host to the Sziget Festival, one of the longest and largest parties on earth, over 400,000 people attended last year in a festival that lasted 7 days. Camped out on an island in the middle of the city, festival goers can explore Budapest in their spare time.