Lady Janes Revenge - The Cornish Smugglers of Fine Audio

Indie | Friday 29th January 2016 | John

I first contacted the band back in late October 2015 after accidentally stumbling upon their track PMA (Positive Mental Attitude'' on the bands Soundcloud account.

An odd thing started to happen, once I heard the sound it seemed that within a two week period I was contacted by various music blog writers and promoters all asking if I had heard of Lady Janes Revenge ? You could say that contacting the band was meant to happen. Hailing from the beautifully picturesque county of Cornwall, Lady Jane’s Revenge keenly embrace life amongst nature where the steady surf fuels the band with an exuberant positivity which is richly displayed throughout the music. Although the four-piece enjoy the free-spirited rocker lifestyle the members of the band have had a far from a pampered upbringing. Between them a varied array of jobs such as: mechanic, building labourer, an Apple computer specialist and walking the long halls of Bristol Hospital as a porter. 

Welcoming favourable comparisons to Mallory Knox, Incubus, Alkaline Trio and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lady Jane’s Revenge unleash a fusillade of mighty riffs, a powerful rhythm section, and hooky vocal lines that burrow deep into your senses. In terms of touring, the downside of living life in Cornwall are the vast distances between shows.

LJR have managed to overcome this predicament and have extensively gigged throughout the South West, playing Live sell out shows with the likes of ‘Shatter Effect’ amongst other local & visiting artists. It's time to take Lady Janes Revenge out of the Local Pond & out towards the wanting nation London and national Gigs are being planned right now so look out for this.

The band picked up strong radio air play from the BBC Cornwall network. plus various UK & US digital Radio stations are asking for more of the sound to feature , Things are building fast as it seems that the nation has found the sound and demand the radio to play. The quartet have the perfect bait in the shape of their enthralling debut EP ‘1554’ which delivers six cuts of energetic alt-rock, from the groove and contagious guile of ‘Floodgates’, to the Alkaline Trio-esque ‘The Kid Within’, plus the hugely uplifting ‘PMA’, which nods in the direction of RHCP/Incubus.

This is a band with a debut record that needs to be heard. Indeed it will be as Zykotika PR push the LJR Sounds into the nations psyche This bands online awareness currently builds growing a firm fanbase but keeping the reality of where they come from a ''grounded factor'' More & more people are tuning into what seems to be this years ''Must Hear Sound'' The energetic alternative rockers release their debut EP ‘1554’ on Friday 26th February through all stores & digital outlets

Watch out for the Video for the track ''The Kid Within'' due out late January. Live events are coming as many Bands want Lady Janes Revenge on their Support list Plus headline gigs coming too as the band spead out to ROCK the UK..

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Thanks for reading.... Johnny Zykotika