On-Point / Off-Key

Other | Thursday 28th January 2016 | Tom

On Point:

B.O.B. - The rapper from Georgia recently claimed that the world is flat… it’s nice to know that it doesn’t matter how much stupid shit you do, there’s always someone dumber than you. Lay off the Acid, Bob.


Rihanna - After releasing her new album, ‘Anti’, RiRi tweeted out a link for her supporters to download the standard MP3 version for free, citing it as a 'A gift to my Navy'.


The Game - The American rapper has pledged $1 million worth of bottled water to help out the people of Flint, Michigan during the city's ongoing water crisis.

Off Key:

Kim Jong Un - After defying the global community by testing his fourth nuclear device, the North Korean dictator is now preparing to launch a ‘long-range missile’, raising tensions in East Asia.

Gemma Collins - That mouthy bird from TOWIE reportedly charged a fan £12 for a photo with her. Where does that amount even come from!?

David Cameron - During PMQs, Cameron called the refugees at Calais ‘a bunch of migrants’, leading to Labour MP Yvette Cooper to label the comment not very ‘statesmanlike’.