Top 5 most famous Nigerian musicians

Reggae | Thursday 28th January 2016 |

Every country has its own unique flavor in terms of culture, cuisine, and music. Nigeria is a West African country known for its beautiful culture and exquisite music. The music of Nigeria is a blend of several different music genres including folk music, hip hop, reggae, and gospel. It also draws heavily on traditional music used in rituals and religious ceremonies as well as agricultural work songs.

Throughout Nigeria, solo performance is fairly rare but there are a few individual musicians who have risen to the top. Here are five of the most famous Nigerian musicians:

1. D’Banj – Many agree that D’Banj is the most recognized African artist in the world. He was named Nigeria’s most influential singer in 2015. Also known as The Kokomaster, D’Banj’s career was launched when his song “Oliver Twist” - an Afrobeat and electronic dance music fusion featuring Kanye West – rose to the top of the charts.

2. Asa – Bukola Alemide, more commonly known as Asa, is a French-Nigerian singer/songwriter who currently lives and sings in Paris. Her name means “Hawk” in the language of the Yoruba, one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, and her music draws inspiration from indigenous musicians like Femi Kuti and Angelique Kidjo.

3. P-Square – Twin brothers Paul and Peter Okoye are more commonly known by their stage name P-Square, and they are widely regarded as one of the most popular musical groups to come out of Nigeria. The identical brothers are known as much for their pop music as they are for their incredible dance moves and they have a large international fan base.

4. 2Face – Not only is Tuface Ibidia one of the most bankable musical artists in Africa, but he is the recipient of one BET Award, four MTV Africa music awards, one MTV Europe music award, and a number of other titles. Tuface uses his influence to raise awareness for a variety of charities as well.

5. Seal – Many people are familiar with Seal’s most famous song, “Kiss From a Rose,” but they think of him as an American artist. Seal, whose full name is Olusegun Olumide Adola Samuel, is the child of a Nigerian mother and Brazilian father and his music is a unique blend of European and American styles with hints of Nigerian influence.

The music of Nigeria is widely varied and beautiful in its own unique way. Many Nigerian artists do more than just write, sing, and produce their own music – many of them are also social activists, speaking for the people of Nigeria on various charity boards and councils.