‘I Submit To Your Memes’ - Meek Mill

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 22nd January 2016 | Tom

It’s looking like 50 Cent’s brief but relentless beef with Meek Mill may be over after Meek Mill posted this message on Instagram.


Is this the future of rap beefs? Cheap, albeit funny memes that spread virally, aimed at humiliating those they are targeted at. Or is it just 50 Cent proving to us that he really is nuts, take a look at his instagram page to realise just how relentless the man was in his attempts to humiliate Meek Mill.

50 Cent’s relentlessness in attempting to humiliate Meek Mill was perhaps an attempt to provoke a response from Rick Ross following their long running beef, however, it didn’t work.

So who wins this beef? 50, via meme generators? Or Meek Mill, via a sense of humour? You decide.