Let The North, See The Nukes!

Other | Sunday 10th January 2016 | Tom

Recent events in Korea have pushed the region to the brink of war and the West have been so busy with Syria that we have forgotten about Kim Jong-Un and his nuclear programme, but is that a bad thing?


Kim Jong-Un is a bloodthirsty dictator, one who is willing to kill ANYONE to keep a hold on his title as Supreme Leader of North Korea. Because we know this we can then assume he is willing to go to war over his treasured nuclear programme, a war that would more than likely obliterate the Korean Peninsula.


History shows us that nuclear weapons actually increase security, after all, two nuclear armed states have never gone to war with each other as the complete destruction of the other would be guaranteed.

If North Korea had nuclear weapons then their ‘Juche’ tactics of military first and self reliance would reside. After all, who would attack the country if they knew that their own would resemble the latest film in the ‘Mad Max’ series?

With this sort of defence, less money would be poured into the North Korean armed forces and more would be used for something productive, such as feeding the state's starving citizens.

Another reason for allowing Kim to develop weapons is the unknown. The West removed both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi from their states and look at those countries now. Taking Kim Jong-Un away from North Korea isn’t guaranteed to be a positive thing, after all, the people have been indoctrinated with so much propaganda that no one really knows what they believe.


The protection that nuclear weapons afford is just what the regime wants, they aren’t jihadists, willing to blow themselves up for the ‘greater good’... just a bizarre personality cult wanting to be left alone.