The Good Eggs Are Eggheads

Other | Thursday 7th January 2016 | Tom

Technology tycoons made positive headlines last year, social media deity Mark Zuckerberg famously announced that he would be giving away 99% of Facebook’s stocks to charitable causes, however, there were also some other entrepreneurs from the tech sector that were feeling rather generous.

Gordon Moore
Alongside his wife, Gordon Moore - founder of Intel - is a dedicated philanthropist, with his foundation's assets reaching the $6 billion mark, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation made at least $250 million last year in grants dedicated to nursing education, environmental conservation and scientific research.

Warren Buffett
Known for his modest lifestyle, Warren Buffett has made a pledge to donate 99% of his wealth to charity. Last year he put his plan into action donating a cool $3 billion to numerous charities, including to that of his friend Bill Gates' charity foundation.

Bill Gates
Owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is renowned for spending big when it comes to charitable organisations. However, last year he showed a more personal touch to his charitable side, surprising one user of internet site Reddit with a personalised Secret Santa gift.

After studying one user’s profile, he realised that she was an avid hiker, Gates then decided to buy her some new outdoor adventure equipment and also made a donation in her name to the charity ‘Malaria No More’. What a guy!