Trump Looks Set To Destroy America

Other | Monday 4th January 2016 | Sam

Donald Trump has released his first television advert for his Presidential campaign, and yep, you guessed it, it's packed full of xenophobia!​

Donald Trump is not the most loved man in the world right now.
His outlandish views on Muslims and generally racist demeanour make him a much disliked character. His recent comments on London plunged his popularity down to new depths, with petitions being fully backed by the British public to refuse him entry to the UK... it's ashame we have no say in whether he becomes the next President of the United States, but, judging by his first television advert, we're lucky we don't have the possibility of him running the country.

The 30 second ad below focuses largely on Trump's policies for dealing with foreigners.

Calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US due to 'radical Islamic terrorism' is verging on xenophobia, 

The reason they give for this proposed temporary ban is so they can 'figure out what's going on'... this looks like a case for Sherlock Holmes, who, whilst trying to figure out what's going on, should try and solve the mystery of how Trump has any support. 

Another headline of the ad was the fact that Trump promises to 'Cut the head off ISIS... and take their oil'. No mention of stopping the thousands of deaths and displacements caused by the tensions, just the fact that they have oil and the greedy businessman wants it.


Ahhh, and of course, it wouldn't be a completely bigoted campaign advert without a mention of the fabled southern border wall which Mexico WILL pay for.

These three promises are of course the key to making American great again, may God help you America.