Two mighty forces in forward thinking electronic music are going head-to-head

Drum and Bass | Monday 7th December 2015 | Arren

Exit and 20/20 are going head to head this Boxing Day.

Following the success of their last mid week slammer at the Brixton club Phonox, Ivy Lab’s (pictured above) 20/20 are returning to the venue for another hefty session. This time round the have also invited the mighty Exit Records round for a soundclash that will go down in history.

Stray, Halogenix and Sabre’s collective effort into the Ivy Lab project and their 20/20 events have gone from strength to strength, this year even expanding 20/20 into a new label, 20/20 LDN Recordings. Together they’ve built a reputation in pushing forward thinking electronic music and working in-between the normal genre.

But even by their standards Exit Records is a big gun to take on. D.Bridge’s imprint has been instrumental in furthering the reach and appeal of music that’s too “out” there for some. It’s a leading light for UK bass electronica music and has a stunning back catalogue of amazing music. The label has been on fire the past couple of months and have a heap of new music to use in this clash.

Both Exit and 20/20 are known for being forwarding thinking in their approach to electronic music so to get them going head to head for a clash is sure to blow up and end pretty brutally.  

Get tickets for the 20/20 and Exit clash at Phonox this Boxing Day