The Week In Indie: Best Releases

Indie | Tuesday 1st December 2015 | Craig

The Flaming Lips: Heady Nuggs (20 years after clouds taste metallic) 27th Nov

American Psych-rockers The Flaming Lips continue their Heady Nuggs reissue series with a nod back to their 1995 album, Clouds Taste Metallic. The reissue will be released on vinyl and includes the album in full, plus an assortment of bonus material and a never heard before 1996 recording of a Seattle live show (apart from the people who were actually at the gig, obviously!).


Surf Friends: Dreams Are Real 27th Nov

What is it with guitar bands and their aquatic referencing names? Swim Deep, Wavves, Beach House, Beach Fossils, Splashh, Surfer Blood... I could go on. Whilst none of these bands are yet to be washed up and still swimming in their collective ocean-orientated talent, the bands just cannot carry on living until they’re associated with all things beach-like. Well at least Surf Friends actually surf. They’re probably good friends as well. But have Swim Deep ever swam deep? Have Surfer Blood ever actually cut themsleves open on a stray mini-mal after some kook dropped in on them brah? Probably not.


The Brainstems : No Place Else 27th

New release from Missouri based garage rockers. Lets just say if you’re falling asleep on your way to work, these guys can help.