The infallible guide to the coolest outfit ever

Other | Friday 27th November 2015 | Eva

This is your guide to being the best dressed person everyday of your life. The best thing: none of these will ever go out of style.

The crew over at Guestlist loves to look smart, keep it fresh, and stay on top of the newest shit. So here's our advice to always be in-style:

  1. Be HAPPY. Easier said than done but positivity is key. The best staple for your wardrobe will always be a big smile. Your smile is the best accessory, so spread the positivity and keep your pearly whites showing. 
  2. Be a source of CONFIDENCE. Inspire others to be themselves by rocking what you're wearing (or not wearing). It doesn't matter if you're wearing the freshest kicks, confidence always makes you appear fresh.
  3. Be YOURSELF. There's only one of you on this planet. That's pretty fucking cool. So, be yourself. Show your feelings, dress the way you want, and believe what you want to belive. 
  4. Be COLOURFUL. Both in your wardrobe choices and your personality. Bring vibrancy to your life and be vibrant for others. Whether that's by wearing bright colours, or just being a colourful person even when you're wearing black. 
  5. Be CREATIVE. Make life fun! Even at work. Look at things in a new way - be creative with your approach to life. 
  6. Be DARING. Don't be afraid to do things or wear things that you normally wouldn't! You only have one life to live so make the most of it try new things. 
  7. Be OPEN-MINDED. Put your phone away,open your eyes and ears and look at the world around you. You`re surrounded by beautiful people who are there to teach and inspire you everyday. Learn from them and let them learn from you.
  8. Be DIVERSE. Get to know different cultures, music, food and drinks. The world is a melting pot of cultures. Explore it! Take from different cultures and learn from them!