Hot Fuss: Guestlist's indie playlist

Indie | Wednesday 25th November 2015 | Craig

The Sneaky Nixons: Baby Just Do What You Got To Do


If ever there was a band that really deserved to be called ‘up and coming’ it’s these guys. You only have to spend a few minutes going through S’nixons Youtube output to find yourself wondering, how do these guys not have more views? One thing’s for sure though, these guys are straight up rock n' roll. They shine with an attitude that indie rock bands, along the way, seem to have forgotten. More of this please.

Public Image: Double Trouble 


There's only ever really been one way to do post-punk properly and its the Public Image Ltd way. Once upon a time, front man John Lydon, or Jonny Rotten as he was known then, jumped into the punk scene, subsequently released what many regard to as the best punk album of all time, the left. Now he does his thing in front of a different outfit, but the messages are still the same. Double Trouble sees Lydon moaning about his broken toilet, which might not be as powerful as taking on Her Majesty herself, as he did so well back in the 70's, still, we can all relate to John's toilet troubles. 


Milk Music: I've Got A Wild Feeling 


Quite frankly, I can't get enough of Milk Music lately. I've Got A Wild Feeling is one great song among many recorded on album Cruise Your Illusion. The way the whole album feels like one big jam; it's a style of music we just don't see anymore with todays rock,indie,alternative ect. So if you're into late-60's acid rock, 70's punk and hard rock then this shit is for you. So that's everyone right?


Reverend And The Makers: Black Widow 

It's safe to say, The Reverend, and his band of makers ,didnt exactly achieve indie stardom in their prime, though mid naughty single Heavyweight Champion Of The World came quite close. Almost ten years later, the band have a very different sound and its a sound they probably should have gone for many years ago. Black Widow is an all round great song, especially for a band that often share sentances with the likes of The Kooks, The Fratellis, Pidgeon Detectives etc. Black Widow fully cements RATM as something much more dynamic than being an indie band from the mid-naughties. 


Beach Slang: Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas 


Now Beach Slang aren’t exactly breaking down walls with this one but where they lack a certain pioneering status, they make up for in a mastery of their craft. These guys just love indie rock and want to tell the world. Who cares if no one’s listening?