The Week In Indie: Best Releases

Indie | Wednesday 25th November 2015 | Craig

The Velvet Underground:  The Complete Matrix Tapes (Nov 20)

Finding new material from The Velvet Undeground today is a bit like trying to find out who killed Lucy Beale, it's not easy! But its been done again. The new four disc release centers on the bands Matrix residency in 1969 and has numerous unheard versions of classics such as Heroin and I'm Waiting For The Man, plus several unreleased tracks. 


Foo Fighters: St Cecilia EP (Nov 23)

A surprise release, dedicated to the victims of the Paris attacks this month. Nice one boys.

Ty Segall: Ty Rex (Reissue)

Fans of Ty Segall and T.Rex, meet your maker. The garage rocker is putting out a reissue of his earlier two T.Rex cover records as one, plus a new cover of T.Rex song 21st Century boy.

Placebo: MTV Unplugged (Nov 27)

Back in August, Placebo lit up London Studios with what turned out to be a smashing set, for the few fans that were lucky enough to be there(tickets were allocated at random to those who signed up). So this week the whole things being released as planned, through the MTV Unplugged series. All those unlucky enough not to get tickets, you have been saved. 

Shunkan: The Pink Noise (Nov 20)

Here's a new track from indie new comers Shunkan. If Kate Nash was ever cool enough to pick a guitar and play it properly, you'd have something like these guys.