Life Hacks: Accelerate Through The Airport

Other | Tuesday 24th November 2015 | Tom

Life Hacks: Accelerate Through The Airport


Checking in and travelling through the airport is definitely one of the more stressful, long winded aspects of your holiday. But with this handy guide you can make your time there as chilled out as possible.


At Home


Before you set off for the airport you can ease future tension by checking in online, this is usually done through the airline's website or app.


Decorate your luggage, make yours unique so that you don’t spend ages searching for it when it gets unloaded at your destination.


Take a photo of your luggage, that way if it unfortunately gets lost you have something to show the airport staff.


Learn how to pack your clothes in a proper and effective manner.

At The Airport


Research tells us that the quickest lanes at the airport are the left ones, this is because the majority of people are right handed therefore favour the right lanes!


Make sure that all liquids are in a resealable plastic bag, make sure you know where you have put all the liquids that may be in your luggage.


Download maps and everything else that could come in useful before you arrive at your destination, whilst you know you can still use the airports Wi-Fi.



Have fun, being at the airport should be part of the holiday experience!