iPhone, Windows Phone or... Pepsi Phone?

Other | Friday 20th November 2015 | Sam

Last month, soft drink giant, Pepsi, announced that it would be trying its hand in a new commercial area... the mobile phone industry. The $19billion company have given consumers a first look at the 'P1' and 'P1s' due to be released in China sometime in the near future. 

The project is being backed by investors on the Chinese equivalent of Kickstarter, JD Finance, intending on raising around $47,000. Early-bird backers will be given the new Pepsi phone for around £50, whilst everyday people can buy their own piece of Pepsi history for approximately £130 on launch. 

The conceptual idea for the phone details a 5.5inch 1080p screen and an octa-core MT6592 processor with 2GB of RAM. Also included is a 13 megapixel rear camera, a 5 megapixel front-facing camera for you selfie lovers, a FINGERPRINT SENSOR and the capability to run on Android's latest operating system, Lollipop.

While this all seems very nice, I can hardly see the P1 rivalling Apple's iPhone or the thousands of other Android phones in terms of sales. But it is definitely an interesting example of a company trying to branch out into different areas, trying to take our money in new, inventive ways! For that, they have to be commended!