Kosheen's Markee Ledge is ready to drop a solo album.

Drum and Bass | Sunday 8th November 2015 | Arren

Kosheen’s songwriter and producer is going solo.

Markee Ledge of Kosheen will be dropping his debut album in early December. Entitled Elevate he gives an underground twist to the tried and tested formula of Kosheen.

Taking full advantage of a break from the group, Markee has spent his time well and produced 17 original tracks that give the Kosheen sound a darker and dubby vibe. He has managed to breathe new life into the group’s sound, and brought back up to speed with the current mood in the UK scene.

The album itself has taken three years to create, and features a varied set of guest producers with Rinse FM’s DJ Youngsta, the dubstepper Leon Switch, Drumcode’s techno prodigy - dubspeeka and Seven all making apperances. Across the 17 tracks are 9 vocal cuts, boasting the voices of Alys Be, Susan Ledge and Jodie Elms.

Markee Ledge’s latest album follows on from 5 pervious albums with Kosheen. They came to prominence with the album Resist that hit no. 8 in the UK album charts and featured the huge hits, Hide U, Catch and Hungry.

Speaking about the upcoming release Markee said, “I wanted to reach out to the producers I was feeling and make fresh music and recapture that vibe we had on ‘Resist’ – a real current sound but with soulful, powerful songs.”

The album will be out on December 4th and will be preceded by the single, Make Your Move, which you can hear below.

1.Talk Is Cheap (feat. Alys Be)
2. Make Your Move (feat. Alys Be)
3. Purity (feat. Susie Ledge)
4. Saturn (feat. Alys Be)
5. Picture Perfect (feat. Susie Ledge)
6. Escape (feat. Alys Be)
7. Colours (feat. Susie Ledge)
8. Stuck (feat. Alys Be)
9. Elevate (feat. Susie Ledge)
10. Nightmares – Part Two
11. Trust In Me (feat. Jodie Elms)
12. Carnival
13. Tom Toms Of Time
14. Baliem Valley
15. Only One (feat. Susie Ledge)
16. Voodoo (feat. Jodie Elms)
17. Dayz (feat. Jodie Elms)

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