Style Icon: Iris Apfel

Other | Wednesday 28th October 2015 | Eva

Iris Apfel is a successful american business woman, interior designer and FASHION ICON all at the tender age of 94.

A movie-documentary about her life has just been released; meaning that she is storming social media networks right now. The worlds of TV, magazines, newspapers are at her feet and guess what? She doesn't care at all!

Apfel is our current fashion inspiration because she is courageous and bold, whether it is the world of clothes or her opinions. She has become an icon for many women of all ages with her legendary style and outspoken views.

She has travelled all around the globe and this encouraged her to build up her huge collection of worldwide textiles and accessories. This can be seen at Rara Avis: Selections from the Iris Apfel Collection, an exhibition that was unlike any other at The Met, New York City.

She has worked with the wives of no less than 9 United States Presidents.

In terms of her own style, the main accessory is a pair of her signature gigantic colourful owlish glasses and she's always sure to be seen in an amazing assortment of garments - never without bright lipstick.

Iris Apfel consults and lectures about style and other fashion topics in colleges around the States.

Yet fashion and attractiveness aren't always the same thing. As Apfel says: 

“I wasn’t pretty when I got married either, and I never cared. I never liked pretty. I mean, it’s nice, don’t misunderstand me, but I never got upset. And I was quite glad in a way, because it put my mind to other things.”

She loves to improvise and she teaches that “fashion takes effort”. This is Apfel's life in a nutshell.