Novo Amor unveil new single 'Anchor'

Indie | Tuesday 20th October 2015 | Lilly

Novo Amor follows up his acclaimed 2014 debut EP ‘Woodgate NY’ (written and recorded between a converted barn in the Lake District and his home in Wales) with beautifully melancholic new single ‘Anchor’ - a haunting acoustic meditation perfectly designed to soundtrack the fading summer and the oncoming autumn.


Novo Amor’s music shares the restless romanticism of US troubadours such as Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens - but Lacey’s soulfulness and sincerity are uniquely his own. The autumnal drift of ‘Anchor’ is a fine demonstration of his art; as well as building on the precocious accomplishment of his earlier work, it illustrates the rapid evolution of his songcraft, poised perfectly between the ethereal and the earthy. Aside from his songwriting, Lacey is also adept in the field of sound design and often incorporates this into his production by using unconventional recording techniques and ‘found’ objects as instruments. None of which detracts from the songwriting skill at the music’s core. As one of Lacey’s heroes, jazz genius Duke Ellington once said, “If it sounds good, it IS good.”


The rest of 2015 sees production on a full-length collaboration album. In the meantime he offers ‘Anchor’ as a tantalising taste of things to come.


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