Porches Light the Way

Indie | Tuesday 20th October 2015 | Cais

“Wow, who is this?” These are the words uttered by virtually everyone upon hearing Brooklyn New York rock band Porches for the first time. If you were to force me to define this band then I’d inevitably have to pull the worn out and dog eared Indie card out of my deck but only in the sense that they are truly on their own, as nobody else really sounds the way they do.

Of course, there are countless great bands out there waiting to become some cool thing in your obscure record collection but Porches is part of a select few that are recognisable from the first chord played or syllable sung. I personally fell in love with the sparse yet beautiful guitar tone of Dirty Clean, one of the most brilliant tracks on their July 2011 album Je T'aime. 

This is a song that somehow embodied everything I was feeling the first time I heard it and continues to drag me right back there to this day. Call them haunting, prolific or just great song writers but what really caught my ear was how a sober man could slur his words in such a beautiful and soulful way, forcing the listener to sit up and take notice. 

Porches is the sort of band that helps you through a difficult time, defining a point in your life that for better or for worse, will be brought back up to the surface every time you put that record on. For worse, well, this is terrible but is otherwise an absolute credit to a great band and one you should definitely check out this autumn. 



Come 9th November, Porches will be at Moth Club in Hackney with tour mate J FernandezTickets are available from only £8.50 so do yourself a favour and get into this band before the cold and damp sets in because you’ll come out of the winter with this band on every playlist and hoping for a new album to set the mood for your summer. 


Cais Jurgens