An Australian Enchantment

Indie | Monday 17th June 2013 | Abby

Over the years, Australia has been the home to many talented musical acts, and again the world will watch the next big thing in the music industry emerge from the great ‘Down-under’.

 Hiatus Kaiyote is one of the most interesting and diverse trending bands at the moment. All the way from Melbourne, Australia, this musical quartet is on the move to international musical greatness, having quickly found their own unique and distinct sound. This band produces a sound which brilliantly combines jazz, hip-hop, electric, opera, rock, and soul all in one.

This self-proclaimed ‘future-sound’ band have been together for only two years, forming after a series of jam sessions in the home shared by three of the four members of the band. Nai Palm is the front-woman of the band and enchants audiences with her beautiful, jazzy, and passionate vocals, all while playing the electric guitar with so much soul. Simon Mavin creates art with his keyboard, bassist and producer Paul Bender gives the soul, jazz, and electronic sounds a whole new meaning, while the Perrin Moss, percussionist, assists in refining this beautifully raw sound. Together their talents have been influenced by J. Dilla, Flying Lotus, and even Stevie Wonder. Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm explained that:


“Music has always been medication to us. It’s a force for self-healing that we’re ready to share with the world.”


The result of their wonderful diversity in music, raw talents, and strong influences, was released later in 2012, Tawk Tomahawk. Listening to Hiatus Kaiyote will transport you to a state of equilibrium.  Although brilliantly linked, each track on this album is so different from one another; it promises the audience an emotive response. The harmonies are intertwined with interesting synths and snares to represent the unravelled relationships and travelling the world, which were the inspirations of this debut album. The tracks are edgy, yet smooth, as they unravel beautiful ballads. Palm’s wonderful voice begins the track charming listeners immediately, the jazz of her voice complimented by the incorruptibility of the piano. ‘Rainbow Rhodes’ is fantastically intoxicating with the plucking of the electric guitar and zing the keyboard brings compliments Palm’s harmonising. The crash of the drums initiate the stirring track ‘Ocelot’, which quickly changes into the synths and electronics of the keyboard and Palm bellows out her vocals with attitude and passion. These audiophiles have constructed an album unlike any before, and each track is consistently enchanting.

The Australian indie music industry has been mesmerised by this group, and has astonished many. As Anthony Valadez from KCRW stated:


“Soul music mixed with off kilted drums, sound effects, surreal vocals warm and fuzzy rhodes and a wonderful texture.   The vocalist Nai Palm draws you in with her fusion of jazz vocals and harmonies.  It’s very Little Dragon friendly with a tropical twists and dirty beats.”


Keep an eye out for the Hiatus Kaiyote, because they are coming to London to play at the XOYO on 11th July, it's guaranteed to be a brilliant night.


Check out this intrepid, yet skillfully intimate EP by Hiatus Kaiyote, ‘Nakamarra’ will captivate you as soon as you press play.


Written By Abby D @AbbyDonkin