El Libero debut Beatles-esque ballad ‘Above’

Indie | Thursday 28th May 2015 | Ayo

Following the announcement of their debut EP Above, to be released on June 15th, and the success of its lead single ‘Butterfly’ which was released last month, London-based Indie band El Libero are excited to debut the second offering from the EP, by way of title track ‘Above’.

Written by El Libero’s Dublin-born songwriter and guitarist Eoghan Gallagher, and with Niamh O’Reily and emaé dueting on lead vocals, ‘Above’ is a beautiful Beatles-esque ballad, driven by stirring guitar and string arrangements, and a plodding rhythm reminiscent of classic records like ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Across The Universe’.

At its core, ‘Above’ is a pining love song which holds firm to its declaration of unfailing love, in the midst of discord, tension and impending separation. In Gallagher’s own words, ‘Above’ is “more universal and not just about a romantic love. I’m hugely inspired by Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen and lyrically they frequently allude to the divine. The word ‘Above’ hints at something higher, that maybe the source of this love is beyond ourselves”.