Birmingham singer-songwriter Monique unveils new single ‘The Gift’

Indie | Tuesday 21st April 2015 | Ayo

British soul singer and songwriter Monique has been blessed with a glorious voice that is not only captivating and unforgettable, but also unmistakable in today’s music landscape. Her infectious raspy tone and brilliant compositions, complemented with the vulnerability portrayed in her songwriting, echoes truth in her music, whatever the context.

That voice and her truth have already garnered her a string of chart-topping club hits across Europe and Australia, and have seen the Birmingham native top several nationwide soul charts in the UK. This all stems from her 2011 debut album Unbroken, which was produced by 5AM’s Tony Bean, birthed hit singles ‘Daughter Shine’ and ‘Colourful’, remix collaborations with Punk Ninja and Gregori Klosman, and an exclusive licensing deal with Universal Records’ Central Station imprint.

Following her UK nationwide Full Circle tour in 2013, Monique returns this spring with the release of her forthcoming EP The Gift on May 5th, led by title track ‘The Gift’. This sees her collaborating once again with Tony Bean, emerging producer and musician Daniel Hutchinson, and fellow songwriter Lauren Ray, to create a powerful opus and comeback record, but more pertinently, an impassioned ode to her unborn son, and the joy and freedom of embracing motherhood.

Inspired by the life changing moment when she became pregnant in July 2014, ‘The Gift’ is so much more than just a comeback single for Monique. In her own words, “in this moment I was being gifted with a child. The course of my future had been changed in one night! I later got in touch with my very talented friend Lauren Ray to help me complete the writing of the song, which speaks about the miracle of the present and this new life I am preparing to enjoy”.

“People warned me about getting pregnant and the detrimental effect it could have on my career”, Monique continues about ‘The Gift', “this made me anxious and reluctant at times to embrace motherhood, despite my desire for a family. Now, that anxiety no longer remains. Instead I am honoured to have this opportunity and am expectant of the joys being a parent will bring despite the challenges”. Listen below, as Monique bares it all in her new single ‘The Gift’.