Australia’s musical hotbed

Indie | Monday 30th March 2015 | Annalisa

Every few years the musical output of a particular region seems to gain an unexpected influence over the world. Whether it was Seattle in 1991, or New York in 2001, it’s always interesting to see how an environment can shape a brand new sound and launch the career of many a respected artist.


Recently Australia has been grabbing musical headlines for all of the right reasons with a whole host of musicians providing a distinctly Australian soundtrack for the world. So here’s a quick checklist of places to visit when paying a musical pilgrimage to the world’s new musical hotspot.




This cosmopolitan city located in the southern state of Victoria has established itself as one of Australia’s musical epicentres. With the vibrant post-punk scene in the late 1970s producing the likes of The Birthday Party and The Dirty Three, it’s also launched the careers of newer artists such as Brody Dalle and Courtney Barnett. Furthermore, there’s always a great selection of other entertainment on in the city such as the tennis WTA tour that brings the best in tennis talent to Melbourne each year.




As Sydney is one of the world’s most iconic cities to visit, it’s no surprise that it has also produced one of the world’s most iconic bands; AC/DC. The band cut their teeth in the New South Wales city and it was here that they refined their blend of riffs, humour and energetic live shows. Sydney is still a great place to check out the upcoming talent, in particular venues such as the Hi-Fi showcase the best in touring bands





Considering how Perth is one of the planet’s most remote cities, it has been interesting to see how many successful musicians have emerged from the city in recent years. Spearheading this charge has to be the blissfully psychedelic sounds of Tame Impala. The band was formed out of the extremely productive local scene that also produced bands such as the like-minded Pond who all developed their unique sounds in garage parties in the mid to late noughties.




And finally, the charming Queensland city of Brisbane has also had a prolific output in influential musicians. Not least, highly individual groups such as The Go-Betweens and noisy upstarts The Saints used the energy of the early punk movement to place themselves on the world stage. Nowadays their energy lives on in some brand new talent such as indie rock bands like The Grates.