Singer-Songwriter Niké Jemiyo debuts Hearts Grow EP

Indie | Tuesday 17th March 2015 | Ayo

With support from the MOBO Awards, Ultimate Music, Urban Development and ILUVLIVE among many, and strong positions on the Hype Machine Twitter charts in the past few months, fans and critics have been anticipating the brand new EP Hearts Grow from London singer, songwriter and producer Niké Jemiyo.

The brand new EP is out now on iTunes and available to stream on SoundCloud, and sees Niké Jemiyo taking full creative control, producing four out of five songs on the EP. The Hearts Grow EP also sees Jemiyo collaborating with exciting new songwriters Sasha Fanthome and Adam Miles to create what is definitely her best work yet.

Speaking about Hearts Grow and the inspiration behind this new record, Niké Jemiyo says; “Our hearts can suffer in this world. Broken by pain and disappointment. But each time we get back up. And we feel a little stronger. And sometimes a little harder. It's tough to choose to be vulnerable when life blows the way it does. But we can't give up on love. Instead, our hearts must grow”.

This overriding theme of strength and growth coming out of a place of disappointment and pain can be heard throughout the EP from the first track ‘Empty Sofa’, which tells a cautionary tale about the perils of moving fast in a relationship, backed by a glorious cinematic musical backdrop, to the title track ‘Hearts Grow’ which is a resounding song of hope in the midst of uncertainty, over rousing piano and string arrangements.

In between ‘Empty Sofa’ and ‘Hearts Grow’, Niké Jemiyo also blesses her listeners with an up-tempo bass heavy dance number ‘Know The Score’ about staying true to yourself, the soulful piano-led ‘Heart Craves’ about rekindled love, and early fan favourite and lead single ‘Dive’, making Hearts Grow an exceptional and diverse listen from start to finish. Enjoy it below: