A contemplative train ride to the shore

Indie | Friday 13th March 2015 |

Martha Bean’s album When The Shadows Return To The Sea, which will be released on April 6, is our first introduction to the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. And after having listened to the ten intricately performed songs, it came as a surprise to learn that When Shadows Return To The Sea is Miss Bean’s debut album.

From the powerful vocals and solid build-up on 'Bad Blood' to the comforting 'Song Of The Sea', which will make you want to call up an old friend, it is hard to believe that this is her first release. Playing not only the guitar, piano and double bass, this Leicester native also carries the album with a delicate vocal mastery. She expresses herself in poetic lyrics that warrant repeat listening, especially since we still haven’t quite figured out the album’s title.

Wistful but never melancholy, fragile but never weak, contemplative but never brooding, the album will make you want to catch a train to the shore and watch the scenery go by slowly.

Though we wouldn’t soon put this album on our work-out playlist, we can give Miss Bean our unequivocal endorsement and we look forward to seeing how the public will react to When The Shadows Return To The Sea.

Listen to 'Song Of The Sea' below:

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