Tame Impala are back and better than ever

Indie | Thursday 12th March 2015 | Rob

“If I never come back, tell my mother I’m sorry”, swoons Kevin Parker over a deliciously synthed soundtrack, fleshed out by the compelling drumming of Jay Watson. 'Let it Happen' is the biggest track since Peace’s 'California Daze', a song dubbed by many as a contemporary masterpiece, which proves Kevin Parker’s astonishing indie credibility. It’s already been a prolific year for the Australian singer/songwriter, with his psychedelic influence on Mark Ronson’s latest studio album helping him reach the number one spot. When a track like this drops, it’s impossible to ignore - Radio 1 dubbed it as “ear bacon”. A fitting description for a track that’s so magnificently balanced it seems to ooze through your speakers, smooth as silk but razor sharp. The record begins with a gliding bassline, layered beneath the haunting Lennon-like vocals of Parker (their resemblance is ridiculously uncanny, think 2015 Beatles). I’m not going to compare Tame Impala to The Beatles, despite many choosing to do so, but Parker has undoubtedly been inspired by Lennon and co.


There’s no doubt this track will divide opinion, with Parker seemingly dropping the psychedelic riffs and atmospheric guitar work for synthesised support. It’s important to recognise the psychedelic stance and what that represents; it’s always been a mindset and not a particular sound, and Parker’s doing a remarkable job in pioneering the psychedelic movement back to critical acclaim. Besides, at 6:29 out of the 7:49 entirety of this track, listeners are greeted by the thundering of Parkers guitar, harking back to Impala of old. Parker really is the dogs bollocks and perhaps signifies the transition of indie sound back into the limelight after his work with Ronson and Kendrick Lamar achieved such popular success. You’ve got to embrace this track with open arms as it serves as an exciting reminder that Parker still has plenty to offer. Expect it on your airwaves for the foreseeable future, just let it happen...