Glass City Vice are back with new single 'Landslide'

Indie | Friday 20th February 2015 | Lilly

Glass City Vice present a brand new pair of compelling songs showcasing their unique take on the Brighton Rock scene. The band already have a string of impressive hits, as well as a strong reputation for their live performances, which has seen them play alongside the likes of well respected rock acts such as The Xcerts and Rival Schools. ‘Landslide’ is the next step in their rise and will surely result in legions of new followers. 

The Brighton four piece formed back in 2010, drawing influence from the sounds of Manchester Orchestra, Death Cab For Cutie and Diamond Youth. Slick production, concise arrangements, anthemic vocal hooks, and their obvious passion resulted in an increasing amount of media attention. After pigeonholing their sound, Glass City Vice released the EP Waves. Catching the attention of XYZ Magazine they were praised for their impressionable hooks, competency as songwriters and attention to detail. 

Their new single ‘Landslide’ opens with an instantly catchy guitar riff before striking with blasts of heavy tones. Josh’s vocals glide soulfully over the top and intertwine with the guitar melodies. ‘Landslide’ showcases the band’s hard work ethic. They’ve spent over a year crafting their new sound, letting their more musical and perhaps stranger influences run wild in their songwriting. This new release is a real departure from their previous material and offers something exciting and fresh for fans and newcomers.

For a taste of Glass City Vice, listen to 'Waves' below:

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