Manchester duo TENFIVESIXTY break through with dark, cinematic single ‘Dashboard Light’

Indie | Wednesday 18th February 2015 | Lilly

Following on from the success of their last single ‘Control’, TENFIVESIXTY return with a new single, 'Dashboard Light’ which will be released on February 23rd. The duo have already garnered huge support from key tastemakers like CLASH, The Line of Best Fit and BBC Radio’s Gary Crowley, even being named a "Crowley Cracker". Their unique take on the British guitar scene has also caught the attention of Brit-Pop icons Suede, earning them a supporting slot on their recent UK tour.

Formed by Jen Bailey and Rick Hornby a few years back, TENFIVESIXTY was born from a mutual love of “lost romanticism, soundtracks, 60’s girl groups, 80’s hooks, good footwear, attention to detail, and the darker side of classic British guitar pop.” Their unique influences go further and include themes of escape, runaway destinations, classic film scores composed by Sakamoto, John Carpenter and Thomas Newman, and the writings of Kerouac & Bukowski. TENFIVESIXTY have frequently been compared to The Cure and Stevie Nicks. Rick’s guitar beckons the listener with its hypnotic effect. The tones create an unnatural, warped sound that enhances the pair’s unique, captivating presence. Jen's fragile vocals are wonderfully emotive and litter the beat with atmospheric touches. The pair come together beautifully, creating tracks equal in passion and emotion. TENFIVESIXTY’s music is eloquent, poignant and shot through with a strangely hopeful melancholy.

New single ‘Dashboard Light’ began life as an experimental guitar line that the pair built on. The track explores the theme of escapism, more specifically the idea of changing your life by simply leaving and never coming back. TENFIVESIXTY describe the track as the "musical equivalent of an abandoned car, or a pile of clothes left by the waters edge." The drums flow at a solid, driving pace linking in with the theme of escape and journey. The guitar whines in the background creating a sense of depth and atmosphere. Jen’s vocals swoop in as the song moves into a heavier stroll lifting the energy and pace. ‘Dashboard Light’ has a dark, cinematic sound that’s made for indie movie soundtracks and late summer nights at music festivals.

Listen to 'Control' below

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