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This free little app available from the iOS store lets you take care of all those little things you need to do without getting in the way of any major plan you already have on your schedule. The app works with calendars in order to help ascertain the best times in which new habits and tasks can be implemented in to your daily schedule and uses intuitiveness to learn the more often you use it.


If you enjoy eating out on a regular basis then often ringing ahead to make a reservation can be overlooked dependent on your busy schedule, and the last thing you want to do is turn up on the night with no chance of getting a table. OpenTable allows you to book your favourite restaurants with the click of a button and will even allow you to pay for the meal after you’ve eaten using the newly introduced Apple Pay system.


This incredibly simple to use app will allow you to keep track of all your daily goings-on and is particularly useful for business purposes especially if you are self-employed or offer freelance work. First off you can use a SmartScan option to photograph your receipts and to then categorise them. The app also lets you manually add expenses and keep track of all the hours you work and even implements your smartphones GPS capabilities and logs any distances tracked to ensure you can bill appropriately for travel as well. Expensify can also work for your everyday expenditures as well and will still allow you to keep check of your bankroll at the 888 casino for example or each time your fill up your car at a petrol station.

If you often find yourself swamped with daily tasks and lists of things to do that you never seemingly get around to then the simplistic app will help you get to grips with organising your home life, your business and your personal life. You can set recurring tasks and lists and its clean and uncomplicated interface allows you to swiftly find and organise everything that you may typically overlook.