You have 15 minutes to change from summer sunbathing to clubbing chic, here’s your very own special how-to guide.

Monday 10th June 2013 | Sally-Anne


Summer is finally here, but how do you make that transition from sweating in the sun to showing off your newly grown freckles and slight tan on the dance floor? The sun goes down around nine, which doesn’t give you a lot of time to get ready and have a few drinks before heading out, and a grass stained white playsuit probably won’t be the most attractive of looks when the fluorescent lights are on. Here’s a piece of 15 minute advice, if you make it out the house.


For girls, and those boys who quite like a little touch up, makeup is the first five minutes. If this doesn’t concern you, have another drink. You’ve earned it. Many famous Youtubers have told you how to do your makeup in an attempt of looking fab, so that’s sorted if you are really stuck. Just a touch up of powder and a couple more strokes of mascara and you’re fine. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably had a few drinks and you’re going to feel adventurous with most things (especially your makeup and clothes) and remember, there is always a club photographer on that night you happened to look not-so-perfect. Relax, with less time you just give a more au-naturale look which you can pull off in five minutes.

Before you touch anything, take a step back, how bad is your outfit right now? You’re only going to sweat through most of it and you never know who is going to ‘accidently’ soak you in the cheapest larger. If you already smell booze-y it’s probably best not to change at all, no one will notice, not if you’re having a good enough time. It’s safe to say the fail safe for the top half is to throw a blazer on any t-shirt or shirt ‘cause that’ll boost your confidence at least and it holds other practical advantages. For the bottom half, who really looks down there anyway, (except the occasional bar stalker who is willing to stare no matter how awkward it gets) so don’t bother with anything mental, just stick with shorts or your fail safe ‘nice bum’ jeans. Pretend you’re going out in the sun again, just with the added jacket.. in fact, all that will really save you at six am when you’re feeling worse for wear on the train home is that jacket which doubles into a comfort blanket.

The last five minute panic. Shoes, holding the biggest part of your wardrobe-heart. Remember, you’re tired, you’ve been out all day and you secretly don't want to go out THAT much (maybe). Stop yourself before you go for the sky high heels or the thin brogues that hurt your feet after getting to the bus stop. Grab a simple pair of boots or smartish trainers, easy wear shoes to last you the night and match them with that shirt you’re wearing and you are sorted. Before you try to clash your colours for a change in your normal look, stop. Match and done, the simpler you take this last step the better you’re going to look, so put down the leopard print loafers for a more head steady time.

Finally, with the last thirty seconds or so, look in the mirror and double check, confidence is key, and you’ve got it. Just remember to keep it simple and you’ve got nothing to worry about.