Review! Saucy Monky EP

Indie | Monday 10th June 2013 | Alex


‘Trophy Girl Pt. 2’ is out and all I can think about is Freaky Friday. 

I'm not joking. It half reminds me of Anna (Lindsay Lohan), half of the things she thinks are really uncool. There’s a bit where she toys backward and forward with her crush and they suss out what music they’re both into – she can’t stand The White Stripes. Anna’s childish, stubborn and in a garage band, and she’d hate this EP because it’s like too much her own stuff.

It’s the whinging I can’t stand, and (My Girlfriend Is) Alcohol is just sickly. I don’t want to bring up them being Lesbians because I want to think it’s irrelevant, but I’m amazed Irish guitarist Annmarie Cullen and East Coast singer Cynthia Catania can have been so daring, only to sound so sexless and unfledged. It’s tacky mum-daughter sing-a-long music.

They’re going for 90s, P!nk-like pop punk and almost get it now and again. I’m not bothered about that stuff, especially the Lindsay Lohan type, but I can’t bring myself to hate it all. (My Girlfriend Is) Alcohol was never going to be cool, but the “woo ooh” bit is an aptly full-blooded ‘I’m allowed to be depressed about this and you’re not’ thing. It’s radio-friendly too – power pop with splatterings of Shania Twain. Single ‘Do I Have Your Attention’ is comfortably innocent and I can picture 14-year-olds swaying their arms to ‘Sleepwalking’.

‘Trophy Girl Pt. 2’ is out June 25. Hear ‘Do I have Your Attention’ here - 




Written by Alex Dean -