Lane 8's Summer 2013 Mix tape is here !

House | Monday 10th June 2013 | Keshav


When I was looking for a perfect summer mix I didn’t think I’d find anything as relaxing as Lane 8’s effort. It’s not what one wants from a mix tape nowadays, it’s usually what is presented to them that matters. Lane 8 presents the listeners with a journey, a journey that could last for summers on end. It’s the type of mix you could leave on all day and not get bored.

Not one song seems out of place and that’s what Lane 8 do that sets them apart from others. They produce songs which fit the mood. Take ‘every night’ for example. One way to describe it is ‘perfection and bliss all mixed into one’. With the release of Daft Punk’s 'Random Access Memories' no doubt songs like ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘The Game of Love’ will dominate the mainstream but dig a little deeper and you will find gems such as Lane 8.

This mix tape is quite simply an essential on every playlist.  Mood lifting, Upbeat and Fun , three words that sum up summer and three words that sum up this mix. Check it out below and enjoy !