Action Bronson live at KOKO

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 10th June 2013 | Conor


On Friday 7th June Action Bronson took to the stage at Camden’s KOKO for his biggest UK headline show to date. Hype for the show was rife, with punters queuing for entry hours before doors.

Support came from South London’s Amplify Dot, who has been in the rap game since she was 13. She gave a confident display of solid tracks to an unfortunately subdued audience, despite her best attempts to liven up the sold out crowd.

They didn’t stay lifeless for long though. Action Bronson arrived to the stage amidst a cacophony of screaming and wailing accompanied by a colossal surge, as people attempted to get as close as they could to the Queens rapper who is rapidly becoming the name on everyone’s lips.

This adoration is reciprocated by Bronson, who took the time to give everyone in the building a spectacle to remember by climbing into the crowd before slowly making his way to the venue’s second and third floor balconies to perform a couple of tracks.

Bronson makes no secret of his desire for perfection, stopping tracks on multiple occasions just to start again after making a mistake. The crowd seemed to share in one of Action’s passions, that being his love of weed. As soon as the larger than life rapper hit the stage and was greeted by a smothering cloud of smoke from many craftily rolled spliffs, to which Bronson added to as he carried a vape with him throughout the show.

Another passion on Bronson’s is food, with the former chef’s descriptions being nothing short of pornographic. This show at KOKO proved that in no way is Bronson losing his appetite for being the ultimate crowd pleaser.


By Conor Giles