Psycho Delia brings colour back to London

Indie | Wednesday 29th May 2013 | Savannah


What words would you use to describe Robots in Disguise? Colourful, vibrant, energetic, crazy, odd. Well, take all of those ingredients and amplify them about 50 times and you’ll get Dee Plume’s side project Psycho Delia. She’s an experienced artist to watch for!

Her new single, ‘2 Degrees of Separation’ was released yesterday with a video that exemplifies the madness that is Psycho Delia. The video is a colour mash-up featuring full-face paint and pulsing lights. But why keep prattling on about it? If you want to see it, check the YouTube video below!



Watch her Facebook for added dates to local gigs!

If you enjoy Dee Plume, her work is now available on iTunes.


Savannah Tanbusch|@StopandSayHello