Angry Birds cartoon takes flight

Other | Wednesday 27th February 2013 | Suzanne

If someone would have told you the premise for angry birds 10 years ago, you might have shaken your head and told that person to not quit his day job to pursue this crazy idea. It is kind of hard to imagine that a premise that revolves around shooting birds at pigs has evolved into the huge franchise it is today. You don’t even have to play the game to have heard of it. Chances are you have seen the countless t-shirts, mugs and stuffed animals standing on the shelves and thinking to yourself what it’s all about.

Well, frankly the angry birds franchise is even surpassing the simple merchandise revolving around it. Plans have been made to give these simple game characters more depth by turning their adventures into an animated series, that will premiere either the 16th or 17th of March. The creator of the game has been dropping clues for the upcoming cartoon last April and even stated recently that there might be an Angry Birds movie in the works as well.

It is not yet completely clear where the animated series will be broadcasted, but they will probably be available on a variety of apps and devices. The show is said to have 52 episodes that will last approximately 3 minutes. Well, if you’re a fan of the game, this might be something to check out. Let’s give it our first critical eye by viewing the trailer shall we? And if it’s not what you have hoped for, don’t be an Angry Bird and just move on. 





By Suzanne Alblas