Modestep are 1 step ahead of the game with Denon DJ’s most cutting edge equipment

Thursday 21st February 2013 | Harry


Modestep have been re-writing the rulebook when it comes to live music. They are pioneers of a new wave of Dubstep and Electronic Rock fusion which they are spreading to the masses all across Europe.

Formed in 2010 by brothers Tony and Josh Friend, with Matthew Curtis and more recently Nick Tsang, the group started performing Dubstep with soulful vocals. Later they began to add rock elements to their music to create what has become the familiar sound known today through hits such as ‘Sunlight’ and ‘To the Stars’.

Set to coincide with new album, ‘Evolution Theory’, the band are heading on tour around the UK to promote the release and Denon DJ are proud to be Tony’s choice of DJ gear. More specifically Tony will be weaving his magic on two Denon DJ SC2900’s, and utilising Denon DJs flagship mixer:  the DN-X1700. With its levels of sound quality and incorporation of forward-thinking performance features, the DN-X1700 Professional Digital DJ Mixer is the ultimate performance tool for the pros.

No corners were cut when designing the DN-X1700 and the power is the driving force behind it all, employing two extremely high-end, low- noise R-core power transformers for the analogue circuit with Denon DJ custom designed electrolytic capacitors. The sound quality is overwhelmingly high and breathtakingly accurate. Unlike any other DJ mixer in its class, the DN-X1700 is equipped with a high performance 32-bit DAC (digital analogue conversion) at the audio output stage which provides an analogue output signal with greater resolution and frequency response. The resulting ultra wideband output signal makes the DN-X1700 one of the best sounding pieces of digital audio equipment ever made for the DJ market.

The Denon DJ SC2900 provides a fresh take on digital media versatility, offering playback from USB drives and the ability to share one USB stick over four networked Denon DJ SC2900 or SC3900s. That said, those traditional CD DJs can still use the front mounted CD slot to mix and produce. What really sets them apart is the glowing LED markers surrounding the circumference, the ‘Eclipse’ platter. It enables a clear and elegant method of accurately displaying ‘Cue Point’ and ‘Playback’ markers. Combined with the ENGINE for iPad® App it means that a networked iPad becomes the biggest and most versatile media navigation screen in the industry, giving the DJ the ability to manage tracks and playlists, ready to perform, all through the iPad touchscreen.