Discovering Arts Music Group Interview

Indie | Monday 18th February 2013 | Osh

This London-based company has a firm belief in the relationship between business and music, looking to protect new artists from preying hands. Now they're showcasing their new talent with huge potential. We had a chat with founder Eliot Avnon to learn more ...

If you could Who are DAMG and where did the name come from?

Discovering Arts Music Group (DAMG) is a London-based company that believes in business at the front and Music is at the back, (whereby, we protect the artists and their music).DAMG is providing a single home for Artists, which is comprise of 7 core businesses: *Record Company,*Publishing,*Management,*Booking *Studios/Production,*Events and *Fashion/Merchandise.

DAMG promote, develop and support the visions of our artists, nurturing their growth from zero to hero by driving actions and creating value wherever music is experienced. DAMG are determined not to be tied to one style or preconceived ideas, but instead to embrace exceptional music from across the global spectrum. DAMG always on a look out for new talents. so if you have the Talent and the confidence dont hesitate to contact us to:

What was the inspiration behind a DAMG night?

DAMG founder Elliot Avnon set up Music Chose Us to find the next “big thing” using his expertise and passion.

What made you pick the three acts that you will be showcasing?

They all have a massive potential to go crossover commercial which mean success.

What can we expect from this musical extravaganza?

Music Chose Us not only aims to provide a platform for the UK’s most promising and exciting artists to proclaim their music but also caters for all music-lovers and industry officials in search of the stars of tomorrow or simply those who want to enjoy a fun night out in an atmospheric venue, while listening to new music of today

What kind of music are you interested in being presented with?

Anything and everything that has a potential to become no 1.

What's your biggest wish for music right now?

Music is not cheap! To evolve and adapt to new changes and stop clinging to old formats and ideas. The music landscape has changed and is changing and i am embracing it ;o)