New Indie music: The Mahogany Blog

Indie | Thursday 7th February 2013 | Laura

If you’re a fan of Indie music and love to walk around London’s streets discovering new barkers and record them on your phone, you will love The Mahogany Blog. Created in 2009 by Mark Murdoch, who had previous experience working at a large digital music firm, the project started as a small personal music blog which has become an apparel of new talents. You can find many kinds of music, but the most interesting section is called The Mahogany Sessions. If you go to their website, you will find a list of videos recorded especially for the site, normally just the artist singing with its guitar or piano, as if it was a private concert in your room. There you will find: London’s street musicians such as Marques Toliver and Liam Bailey, emerging bands like Bastille or Monarchy and even popular artists like Julia Stone or Nerina Pallot. They also record introducing sessions where artists present themselves and explain what they are about. If you are a talent hunter, you will get loads of preys!



By Laura Vila