’Mon the Biff! Biffy Clyro’s New Album is Coming...

Indie | Friday 4th January 2013 | Martin

Midway through 2012, a YouTube video surfaced of Biffy with a new track, ‘Stingin’ Belle’, which has the raw intensity of their early material and the melody of their more recent offerings; it opens with jittering distortion, has neat riffs underlying the verses, and an anthemic chorus. Later in the year it became a digital release and the notion of a new album became a thrilling prospect.  

December 2012 produced another teasing precursor to their upcoming release of Opposites with ‘Black Chandelier’. Hype became hysteria as knowledge spread that the song is to be their first single from the new album and is due for release on 14 January. ‘Black Chandelier’ follows the blueprint set out in Biffy’s hits from Only Revolutions such as, ‘Mountains’ and ‘Many a Horror’, by being a poignant and emotional rock/pop song that will undoubtedly receive mainstream success. The song’s bridge produces a glimpse of the angst-ridden rebelliousness that is at the band’s core with a Nirvana-style explosion of overdrive; although, some Biffy purists would deem it a miniature taste of their original hardcore sound.

However, Biffy are endearing as ever. They flirt around the boundaries of modern punk, rock, and metal, yet produce evocative melodies that appeal to mass audiences worldwide. Simon Neil and his men are the British answer to the Foo Fighters, drawing diverse crowds from various spectrums of music and satisfying critics and the casual radio listener alike. Opposites will be just another step to Biffy’s world dominance.                  

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By Martin Cater (@MartinCater)