2012: The Year of the Trap

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 18th December 2012 | Jake

2012 has seen trap music take a huge surge in popularity, it borrows sounds from Hip-Hop, House, Dubstep and Crunk, typically made using Roland 808 drum hits, fast rolling hi-hats and screwed up vocal samples.
Though it shares the same name (and BPM most of the time) of rap from the USA’s southern states (think Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Three Six Mafia etc.) it differs in that it’s more rave orientated and not restricted to drug dealers, or wannabe drug dealers, (read: Rick Ross) so that even the most middle-class ravers can get down to it.

Four of the producers to make the biggest moves in this genre in 2012 are: 


(notable tracks: DumDum, Yaow)


(notable tracks: Lana’s Theme, Rollup), 

Flosstradamus got the crowd so hyped up at Chicago’s WestFest festival that they got shut down by the police.

RL Grime

(notable tracks: Grapes Alla Vodka, Pour It Up Remix)


(notable tracks: Higher Ground, Rooster in My Rari Remix)

There are a plethora of blogs that specialise in the genre (most notable being, and all offering free downloads, mixes and news on upcoming releases and events. If you’re a fan of the genre then you should really be checking these every few days, have Twerkin’ Trap Tuesday’s which have all of the best tracks and mixes that have been released in the week, which is pretty cool and makes keeping up with the music easier for listeners.