Morrissey tour delayed

Indie | Tuesday 23rd October 2012 | Jacob

American fans will be dismayed to find out that the first three tour dates of the former Smiths frontman’s US tour have been postponed, due his mother falling ill.

Always a sensitive soul who also enjoys screaming at people for eating meat, Morrissey has chosen to return to England to be with his mother while she has been hospitalised. Of course we’re not going to knock him for that.

What we will knock him for however, is recently dashing hopes of a Smiths reunion in an interview with US comic Stephen Colbert. Rumours of the band’s reunion had been circling for some time, generally placing them to make a return at Glastonbury 2013, but sadly those expectations have been crushed with Morrissey stating “not everyone is a fat old slag”. Cryptic yes, but as far as we can tell this mean he’s refusing to sell out and reform.

Watch the video below to hear some of the interview’s other choice cuts including Morrissey referring to Pippa Middleton as “horrendous” and claiming animals eat meat “only when they really have to”. Still at the cutting edge of social commentary it would seem.

His tour is scheduled to resume on October 29th in Minneapolis.

By Jacob Alexander Guberg