Angelo Tristan, a new guy in the block

Indie | Tuesday 23rd October 2012 | Enrique


In London with more than 12 million people living there, it is with no doubt the hub for plenty of cultural movements and diversity. With music, London feels like one of those imaginary engines which the world moves on.  In its streets, hidden corners and clubs; new talented musicians are discovered, ready to leave that anonymity and live the dream. The dream to become a well-known artist with the world at their feet.

One of those talented guys to tap into the London scene is Angelo Tristan. Tristan is just in his early twenties, loving his music since he was a kid. His journey began in Canada, his inspiration in France to a southeastern suburb of Charlton in Greenwich where the Meridian marks the rhythm for the rest world.

Having created a band earlier this year full of a talented mix of fella´s, Angelo is now here with his crew in London and they sound like they have been around for ages.  With an influence of Bon Jovi, Angelo Tristan is ready to share his rhythms with the City of London. He has many gigs under his belt, including the exciting Hyde Park concert during the Olympics this year. Angelo has also just finished his first EP, First words, which is due to be released by the end of the year.

You want to know more about Angelo Tristan, these are the places you must get to. Hurry, places won´t be available for long:

26th October - The Grove, Battersea

29th October - Dublin Castle, Camden

22nd November - Camden Rock, Camden

9th December - Fiddlers Elbow, Camden


Angelo is also headlining at the 100 Club (Oxford Street) very soon with the date still to be decided.


If you want to know what Angelo is about, check his soundcloud page and discover it!



Enrique Quílez