Black Keys recording time is impressive

Indie | Tuesday 16th October 2012 | Raquel

The rock duo said the new album wouldn't take more than 2 weeks to record.

The north american band is going to start recording the successor of El Camino early in 2013, their ninth studio album, faster than normal bands. However, the front man Dan says that they have little idea of how the album will sound like.

"We have a couple of months blocked early next year, like February/March. Pat and I don't practice or rehearse until we go in to make the record so we won't really know what it's going to be like or what's going to happen till we get in the studio and start working on it."

He also revealed that the location of the recording would be "out of town" to avoid any distractions during the sessions and that when they work in the studio, which is their favourite place to be, they start around 11am and go all the way until 3/4 in the morning. WOW!

The Black Keys released yesterday a brand new digital EP entitled Tour Rehearsal Tapes. Don't forget their UK tour beginning November and ending December!

by Raquel Gomes