Je m'appelle Paul McCartney . Ja habit anywhere that will take me.

Indie | Monday 10th September 2012 | Osh


The Beatle who just won’t quit.  Paul McCartney has been awarded The French Legion of honour. We are not sure why a country that eats frogs legs and snails would award outwardly crazy vegan Paul McCartney such an honour but what the hell Viva La France!  

Paul McCartney joined Damon Albarn and Tony Allen at the Africa Express show in London on Saturday night.  Mr McCartney once again played the surprise act at this show. It seems Paul can’t turn up anywhere announced. A case of always the bridesmaid and never the bride Paul can’t help but crop up with his piano at any big event. We are beginning to wonder if he has some kind of superhero power of simply appearing at these places and whether or not he is really invited.

We have decided to set up a trap. Get thousands of people in one big space. Create a cause, for example - socks for underprivileged Llamas and POW see if Mr McCartney rears his do-gooding head.

We do love the Beatles don’t get us wrong but you have to ask yourself,

What would George Harrison do? 

By Becky Tanner-Rolf