Stage fright: Dreading the locks?

Friday 22nd June 2012 | Osh



It’s what I saw at the Glade Festival and it’s what is hidden under Rasta caps. Little did I know I’d see it in a place even closer to home.


Chanel is known for its long standing name in the fashion industry… also as the designer label that brought dreadlocks centre stage on a catwalk in 2011. The Chanel Empire has seen Karl Lagerfeld delegating right from the top for almost 30 years in which we were surprised by the entrance of dreadlocked hair. Chanel shaking up their classic chignon has entered 2012 as we saw on the summer catwalks at London Fashion Week by Vivienne Westwood models.


Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label collection gained even more attention as it was accompanied by models who had a backcombed high pile of dreadlocks on top, hair twisted into a thick lock either adorning the neck like a scarf or keeping their waist company.  Does this mean models are going to stop washing/brushing their hair? Well, it probably is just a one off for the catwalk.


However, by embracing something like dreadlocks on a catwalk by a big designer label allows those who have carried the look with them for years to feel more involved. There aren’t that many tips out there on how to care for your dreadlocks or create them in an easy healthy way, maybe this will give those uncovered areas much more attention. The dreads aren’t just for hippies and the like. If you want the look without the hassle, then buy a clip-on to transform your look for a night!


This doesn’t mean you stop washing your hair… just means that high fashion knows how to do it without committing to the long haul! 


Arti Rajput