The Empire Of Shawn Corey Carter

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 22nd June 2012 | Osh


He isn’t the legend of the month or the year… he has been the number one hip hop legend of this decade.


Jay-Z is not only an American rapper as he has so many titles under his belt. From song writer, record producer, entrepreneur and occasional actor, his success has been raised tenfold over the years and he is by far one of the biggest hip hop artists in the world. A man who sells over 50 million albums worldwide must be doing something right!


Brooklyn, New York City is the birthplace of this regal artist and from this influence came one of his great singles, ‘Empire State Of Mind’ featuring Alicia Keyes. That’s not all as of course he’s been around for years and this King has so many massive hits it’d take me a whole day if I even attempted to list all of them. However, a few of the great ones can be found in his album The Blueprint which delivered some of his best talent at the time. A personal favourite album and song of mine is ‘Hard Knock Life’. It just makes you want to shout to every person on the street that ‘It’s a hard knock life’!


Marrying Beyoncé may not add to his music career… but it sure makes this couple and their child a symbol of hip hop royalty. He just keeps bringing it!


Arti Rajput