Girls Aloud, Smoking?

Thursday 14th March 2013 | Fiona


Only last week the Girl’s Aloud girls uploaded pictures of themselves on twitter smoking electronic shisha sticks backstage on their tour. Sarah Harding uploaded a picture of bandmate Kimberley Walsh enjoying an eshish, but was quick to delete it, although not before it had been retweeted numerous times. Cheryl Cole also uploaded a picture of the girls each holding one of the fruit flavoured shisha sticks.  

These electronic cigarettes are claimed to be safer than smoking the flavoured tobacco through a waterpipe, as it has been revealed that doing so for an hour is more harmful than smoking 100 cigarettes.

Nicola Roberts then posted a photo on twitter to show exactly what they were smoking to clear up any confusion among their fans.

The eshish cigarettes have been created to as a safer form of smoking, and a more fashionable and discrete way of doing so. It is now one of the top choices for celebrities and clubbers alike.

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Fiona Farley