Eyes Set to Kill: Reviewed

Indie | Thursday 21st June 2012 | Osh


Arizona’s twin sister metal-core group, Eyes Set To Kill, have been spotted doing the rounds in London’s underworld this week (that’s the venue in Camden, not the elusive crime network).  Playing exclusively from their latest album, White Lotus, which dropped late last year, this new gentle approach to post hardcore metal has had mixed results from fans…

And you can’t blame the fans; Monday’s crowd at the historic venue were a properly confused bunch of metal heads. The four piece traditional hardcore group have changed style quicker than Madonna in the 80’s and are now putting out female vocals set against traditional, urgent, metal riffs and menacing drum beats. Those expecting 10 songs of pure rage on a CD will be disappointed with this latest offering…

 The album seems to be an experiment to force tenderness into music that is aggressive and unforgiving at heart. It feels strained at times but is interesting enough to be worth a listen. You get the impression that you are sitting in on an experiment that isn’t quite running according to plan.

That being said, The Rodriguez twins have shown improvement as artists, their joint vocals are still quite sugary sweet, but it does seem to add a touch of depth to their typical angry and frustrated sound. I think that it could even be deliberate. After all, how could you sing ‘I can’t see your face/ your writings on the walls/ your writings on the walls/ Your letter is in place/ I wish that you would call/ I wish that you would call/’ with a straight face?


Where ESTK rock hard and well is s a live act. They put on an energetic and engaging show with a devil may care approach to playing sets that affords a shade of authority to try something new.

While off of the mark, this little album does have a real sense of disjointed charm and makes for a fun listen. Anyone who isn’t a fan of the bands past work will find this a good entry into the group and the genre as a whole. It is their most accessible work to date but I would be lying if I said that it works fully. If you get the chance to see them while they are in London, grab your leather jacket, eyeliner, fishnet top and front door keys quick get out quick(but expect a tinge of disappointment that will grow on you).

-Dickie Chaney, 2012.

(Reviewed live at the Underworld, Camden Town-18thJune2012)