Andy Richardson

Other | Tuesday 8th May 2012 | Osh

Who’s this young mysterious guy?,
Andrea Bertacca- Andy- studied business in London. Back in Italy he lost himself in a Gucci shop. He became a real fan of “coccodrillo” and collected many, but unfortunately his entire collection was stolen.
From there, a new idea came to him: create his own self-made printed t-shirts branded “Andy Richardson!” “He gives the English trenchcoat an Italian touch”
Through his collection, we can find fine coats, casual jackets, knitwear, slim fitting chinos, denim and accessories, all his items are a combination of the 60’s and the 70’s.  
So if you are at the cutting edge of fashion, go and have a look to his distributor : TCA Showroom, located in Brick Lane. (Distributor ).

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